Friday, November 14, 2008

Resident Evil : Degeneration Non Spoiler Review

Ok maybe a little....

so i went last night to the premiere of Resident Evil : Degeneration and for those that do not know it is a movie based on the actual video game continuity. After watching the movie im still a little confused wether it takes place BEFORE Resident Evil 4 the game or AFTER but its around that time.

Before i get on to the movie i want to talk about my experience to the premiere. When we got there it was a full house and they had a guy talk about where we were. Which was the NYC Horror Film Festival. They asked questions and were giving out swag to whoever answered them which i thought was awesome. It was interesting because they asked ok... "what was the name of the bar from shaun of the dead" and my hand was the only one that went up, but im telling you my hand went up so fast it was like a rocket and i said "winchester!" and i won a zombie book, world war z advanced reader's copy so that was pretty sweet. (even though that book came out a long time ago and i own a copy but still) Then after other people won stuff they started showing a short zombie film which sucked ass but had a good concept and then the movie started. Right before the movie started it was very quiet and very dark and i just yelled out 'WHAT ARE YA BUYIN???" then everyone started yelling "WHAT ARE YA SELLING?" "NOT ENOUGH CASH STRANNGA" "ILL BUY IT AT A HIGH PRICE!!" It was so awesome then the movie started and everyone was quiet.

Movie Review
I will say this, you will ONLY fully 100% enjoy this movie if you are a fan of the actual video games. More Specifically if you played Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4, but its recommended you played and beat all of them and know the story well to fully enjoy/understand what's going on because of the little references here and there.

This movie is NOT a typical zombie movie or classic gore slash blah blah, no. It is an ACTUAL Resident Evil movie and like the game they go into the mutations not just of zombies but of other creatures. Also like the game they get into some insane "talking". In the game you meet someone and they just talk and talk and talk and talk explaining things the movie does that. I have no complains about it since the game did do things like that. They had alot of great reffrences to past games, good flashbacks to resident evil 2 the game and at the end of the film the classic 5 mins to escape a room while fighting a big giant mutated G-Virus zombie. This movie really got it down packed to the T. (...get it... T?)

I only have ONE complain about the movie. Not enough light. Most areas are very dark and i thought it worked well for some scenes but for others it was annoying. The darkness wasnt even "movie dark" it was more like just real darkness where you can hardly see the people or what's going on.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5 from the first viewing. I was really excited to see it and everyone in the movie theater was a HUGE fan, obviously since it was the premiere.

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