Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Website Coming Soon

hang tight guys, we will be having a new website VERY soon and i apologize for the lack of activity here but pretty soon our new website will be up and running and kicking ass and taking names!

In the mean Time please take the time to check out Heroes

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our new feed for our show is

and our new website is located here Click me

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Episode 33: Terminator 2

Leroy and Brad finally get to review Terminator 2, break down some
timelines and go behind the scenes of scenes that couldve been.

Show Notes;

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Comic Tube Episode 32: Movie News

Leroy and Brad go over a bunch of movie news coming out of hollywood.

- Robert Rodirguez's Predator

- Marvel Movie Release Dates

- Green Lantern

- Warner Brothers's Death Note

- Venom in Spider-Man 4?

- Akrham Asylum New Release Date


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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Episode 31: The Terminator

it's finally here! Part 1 of the comic tube event of the summer!!! or not...

Leroy and Brad have a spoiler filled discussion on Terminator 1 from concept, to creation and break down model descriptions of HK's, T-600's and T-800's.

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Episode 31: The Terminator

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! PART 1 OF THE COMIC TUBE EVENT OF THE SUMMER....or not. Leroy and Brad Have a spoiler filled discussion on Terminator 1 From Concept, to creation and break down Model Descriptions for HKs, T-600s and T-800's.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Episode 30: Ghostrider

Brad Robert and Umar Review GhostRider while Leroy is sick

0:00 - Show Opening - Disclaimer
2:36 - Spoiler Filled Ghost Rider Review with loads of movie tangents. BE WARNED this review has very explicit language. 
1:26:45 - Show News; A Comic Tube Event ; The Countdown To Salivation, More Episodes coming your way, Comic Tube DELETED SCENES release dates. 
1:33:18 - End Credits

Links; < —Da Fixers Hideout podcast < –Robert’s Youtube

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upcoming Comic Tube Episodes

April 21st Episode 30 - Ghost Rider - Co-Host Vikkii

April 28th Episode 31 - Terminator 1 and 2 

May 1st - 4th Episode 32 - Heroes Volume 4 - Co-Hosts Lorrie and Umar

May 5th Episode 33 - X-Men Origins : Wolverine - Co-Host Vikkii

May 12th Episode 34 - Terminator 3 and Sarah Connor Chronicles - Co-Host Robert and Raph 

May 19th Episode 35 - Smallville Season Finale - Co -Host TBD (let me know if u want in on this episode)

May 20th Episode 36- Supernatural Season Finale - Co-Host Chris Johnson

May 26th Episode 37 - Terminator Salvation 

June 2nd Episode 38 - Star Trek - Co-Host John and Lorrie

June 9th Episode 39- Transformers Cartoon Retorspective - FEATURING SPECIAL CO-HOST SHAWN PRYOR OF PKD MEDIA

June 16th Episode 40 - Cartoons We Grew Up With - Co-Host Alec B.

June 23rd Episode 41 - Transformers Movie - Co-Hosts John and Joe (hopefully)

June 30th Episode 42- Transformers 2 - Co-Host John

July 7th Episode 43 - Star Wars The Force Unleashed - Co-Host Ken from TOTGU

July 14th Episode 44 - Invader Zim Retrospective - CoHost Marie

July 21st Episode 45 - X-Men Animated Series Days of The Future Past 

July 28th Episode 46 - Character Spotlight - Two-Face 

July 29th Special : LIVE Ziggo's 23rd BDay

August 11th Episode 47 - Green Lantern First Flight- Co-Host Ken from Totgu (yea I'm forcing you to come on)

August 18th Episode 48 - 360 Spotlight - Co-Host Art from TOTGU

k thats it!!! all the eps through the summer