Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comic Tube Episode 11: Video Games

Phil, Leroy and Brad are joined by Ian Levenstein from the Comic Timing Podcast and have a long awaited video game discussion. We go in depth as to what video game consoles did we have, what video game consoles do we currently own and prefer, how do we feel about digital distribution, pricing, our top 10 video games of all time and much much more! This is one you cant miss, especially if you're a gamer of any sorts.

Feel free to add us to your Gamertags but please note if you guys decide to add us to your friends list on any of these system send us a message beforehand letting us know that you heard this episode of comic tube.

Playstation 3
Leroy - ZiggoTheAlien
Phil - Lentarg

Xbox Live;
Brad - Bleakdestiny
Phil - Lentarg

Ian - console code 3487 1998 2469 9122 , SMASH BROTHERS 1934-0884-0262, MARIO KART WII 1032-1700-1438

Ian's Comic Timing Podcast - http://www.speakgeekspeak.com/comictiming/

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