Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Comic Tube Episode 7 : The Incredible Hulk

Leroy Brad and Phil are joined by John, also known as Obsidian_Shard in the Never Ending Champions forum to discuss the new Incredible Hulk film by Louis Leterrier while going back to compare it to Ang Lee's Hulk.

0:00 - Show Opening
4:38 - News: Superman Reboot in the making, Capcom Vs Tatsunoko, Spiderman Vs Marvel Zombies, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Deaths of Michael Turner, Stan Winston and George Carlin.
31:55 - Spoiler Filled Incredible Hulk Discussion. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (the ugly being Ang Lee's Hulk)
1:20:48 - Show Closing - Shoutout To Gothrixus's new album Memory Of Light and Darkness.
1:23:05 - Bloopers

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