Monday, May 12, 2008

Comic Tube Episode 3 : Iron Man

Leroy and Brad discuss briefly the 2008 New York Comic Con and are then joined by Phil in an in depth Spoiler Filled discussion on Marvel Studio's Iron Man.

0:00 - Show Opening. Brief 2008 New York Comic Con Overview, News on Incredible Hulk Movie, Heroes Season 3 and Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2
23:04 - Spoiler Filled Iron Man Discussion
1:31:58 - Marvel Studio's Future Production Line Up
1:39:59 - Show Closing/Bloopers

Just a Reminder Episode 4 we will review the season finale of Smallville and Episode 5 we will review the season finale to Supernatural along with Supernatural Origins issue 1-6. If you guys want to leave your thoughts of any of these things drop us an email at or visit one of our two forums at so we can have your opinion on the show.

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