Monday, October 27, 2008


Alright first and foremost i need to extend my apologies for the last couple of weeks because we havent released anything in a while. Things have been going on at my end and on brad's end and to make matters interesting Brad's computer stopped working.

I am going to try my best to get some stuff out as soon as i can so i want to give you guys a rundown of what we are going to do.

Episode 18 is going to be our Heroes Volume 3 Review thus far where we did a cross-over podcast with Podcasting After Dark.

Episode 19 - will be our halloween special, which may be just a LITTLE late, where we are going to compare James O'Barr's crow comic to the first crow movie and general talk of the other crow movies.

Episode 20 - will be our special 20th episode were we talk about remakes and reboots

I have more ideas for more episodes but i rather not post them yet because im not sure how fast well be back up to speed but i do promise once we are back and running we'll have alot of good geek talk coming your way.

thanks alot for your patience guys

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Comic Tube Episode 17: Supernatural Season 4 Premiere Review

Leroy and Brad are joined by Chris Johnson, also known as Koete, from The Amazing Spider-cast Podcast in our Third part of the Fall 2008 Season Premiere Reviews as we discuss the season premiere of supernatural and what we want to see for the rest of this 4th season.

The Amazing Spider-Cast

be sure to check back with us for our next episode as we review the first 3 episodes of Heroes Volume 3

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Comic Tube Episode 16: Smallville Season 8 Premiere Review

Leroy and Brad are joined by Lorrie Thomas also known as Thomalo from The Comic Book Roadshow and Podcasting After Dark in our second installment of the Fall 2008 Season Premiere Reviews as we discuss the smallville season 8 premiere.

Evil Dead Musical Petition

Podcasting After Dark

Comic Book Road Show

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